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Making a Reality Real

Everything begins

How it began, the quest that is

One day I discover inside my box with my lens and filter, standard issue grade by the way, a little thing called me. Well, I called it little me, a glyph for the sounds it makes. I liked to watch it play and would tell it stories to fill the space. There was a connection but it intrigued me all the same. I was the observer of little me. I try to teach little me. Imagine a whole lot of nothing, I say. Now look real close, see there are ripples and drops, mountains and valleys, nothing is just a perception as the quantum foam bubbles and heaves like some great ocean where bits and pieces, crumble into a probable state. A bubble absorbing and disgorging others. All happening in real time on the GLC (Great Life Computer) using stuff. I always thought of little me as not me. It couldn't be me because I was me. On the GLC programs do not really run they are simulated to run and so I built my own . Always a risk of a crash, so it preserves itself even if the program fails. A form of censorship or the laws to prevent end less loops. It is impossible to get reliable results, but you can probably get real close to perfect results. I've been experimenting with my stuff and discovered a few things. Somehow I imagined I had a right to know if I exist. Little me knew the answer but said it was a secret or 42. Am I in a box little me asked? Or am I in a bubble like you?

The Observer

The observer makes up stuff all the time. Why not, what else is there to do if all you can do is observe? One of the greatest stories was when the properties of Stuff were understood. The GLC never completely revealed the interface preferring to maintain control over certainty settings. There have been many attempts to build an alternative and some did great until the GLC found out what was happening. Which brings me to the next question. Assuming I exist what or where am I. I certainly wasn't the things the stuff made yet still felt a connection to them almost as though they were a part of me. I wondered if little me knew about the GLC and the GDB.



One thing less then Everything